Empowering Seniors to Age at Home Safely

Enhancing Independence with Smart Home Solutions

Welcome to Sunrise Aging Care Ltd

At Sunrise Aging Care Ltd, we are dedicated to providing seniors with a safe and enriching aging-at-home experience. Our mission is to design senior-friendly living spaces and offer expert advice on using assistive smart devices, ultimately shaping a better “Aging at Home” environment for the elderly.

Current Services

We currently provide the following services:



The iWatch, a revolutionary device in the world of senior care, plays a vital role in enhancing the well-being of our elderly clients. Designed with their unique needs in mind, the iWatch serves as a multifunctional tool to ensure their safety and health.


Our community-driven home safety IoT solution enables a safer living environment for elders.

Machine Learning with iRobot


- iRobot will take photo and video when elderly is taking medicine
- To learn the motion of taking medicine after hundred thousand times
- iRobot will alert and monitor elderly to take the medicine


- Track pill dosage
- Alarm option to remind people take medicine on time
- Notify contacts if people didn’t take medicine


-Collecting real time data
-Data analysis using various algorisms
-Predicting user’s behavior and prevent accident

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